So What is FSM?

Resonance/frequency treatments were originally developed in the 1920s by

Dr. Albert Abrams. Dr. Abrams was a pioneer in his field and had many

followers who reported miraculous recoveries from medical conditions. The

use of frequencies(FSM) to treat medical and emotional conditions has

made a resurgence in the 1990s. FSM has been developed by Dr. Carolyn

McMakin MA, DC of Washington. Together with other practitioners, clinical

protocols have been developed. FSM is now being used by numerous

practitioners in various specialties (MDs, PhD’s, DCs, NDs, PTs) to treat

myofascial pain, emotional issues and neuropathic pain in clinical practices.

It has also been used in the counseling profession because of its benefits

in decreasing and improving emotional discomfort.

Dr. Lance was asked by a physician to take the case of a young boy with a

debilitating case of Parsonage-Turner Syndrome. He developed the first-

ever FSM protocol for the disorder that is now in the textbook written by Dr.

McMakin, The Resonance Effect.

The treatment involves very low physiologic levels of electromagnetic

frequencies applied to the body. These frequencies allow for bonds of scar

tissue, fibrosis and trigger points to break. Frequency Specific Micro current

techniques have been documented to boost immune function, increase

ATP/energy levels and accelerate the healing of acute injuries. FSM is

especially good at treating nerve and muscle pain, inflammation and scar

tissue. Impressive results have been seen in the treatment of Fibromyalgia.