About Dr. Lance


Dr. Marlin Lance, Ph.D., DCC, DPT, DPSc is founder of The Woodlands FSM Center.  Dr Lance is a graduate of Baptist Bible College and Faith Baptist Seminary. He is board certified in the disciplines of Trauma Resolution Therapy, Nature Therapy, Therapeutic Humor and Anger Control Therapy. He is the author of The Messiah Method Counseling System, a Westbow Press publication.

Following graduation, he served as the youth pastor at Central Baptist Church, Pasadena, Texas. Later, he joined the Life Action Revival Team as camp director and family seminar teacher in Niles, Michigan. He traveled across America with his wife and children where his love for counseling began to mature. He later enrolled in seminary and developed the Messiah Method Counseling System which has received international recognition and is part of the curricula at the National University of Romania. Shortly after its publication, the Messiah Method was taken to Korea and India where it was taught amongst many national pastors.

Currently Dr. Lance is director of training at Coventry House School of Ministry and is active in e-coaching via the ZOOM videoconferencing platform.

He is passionate in helping pastors find answers to the hard journey from heeding God's call to navigating the harshness of church work with its many demands and few rewards. His services to ministers is cost-free and given freely as an act of love.


Dr. Lance is a husband, father, and avid outdoorsman.  He enjoys the serenity of the woods where he spends time studying and writing.  He is active in travel and is always looking forward to his next adventure. In the beginning of 2014, Dr. Lance underwent a kidney transplant in which his daughter was the donor.  Today, he is active, invigorated and embracing the many years ahead.